Exhibition: Feb. 1st-22nd

Max Kauffman

Max Kauffman invites the idea Home Again, Home Again, based in the foundation and duality in structure and humanity. Are we not evidently affected by memories? What do structures possess for their stories and memories? Working in a recently pivoted direction Max has found a grounding depth and color source of rich sepia tones, creating a natural beauty nestled in with symbolism, geometry, and exposing the decay left to crumble away. Max creates landscapes that allow the structures to become self-aware and rekindle their own folklores of their humble meanings.

We place ourselves to question, but also accept, without acknowledging our own rippling affects. The homes we grew up in can be sources of shrines and familiarity. Buildings present stories of physical deterioration by age, withstanding the collective years of the effects of humans or the assault from nature itself. Beneath the exterior, the walls inside may present stories or tales, memories or spiritual process. Not exclusive to a church or house of worship, the familiar words are often muttered upon returning to a familiar place; “If these walls could talk… ”. We begin to accept the idea of an inanimate object taking on an understanding of its holding, concealment, and presentation in which our actions take place therein.
The sanctuaries in Max’s work presents both the physical and mental patterns one might find in a desolate structure. We find ourselves on a wavelength of reliance on progress, taking heed of the prosperity at its peak and desert it in its ruin.

The sanctuaries in Max’s work presents the both physical and mental patterns one might find in a desolate structure. Often times we build and make items of building useful to our current states but leave behind and desert a building that is no longer well serving. Through the lens of Max we find a spiritual return to some of these places, whether real or fictional, we find a familiarity in the structure, relatable on the surface but perhaps also mimicking an equally experienced emotion, examining these decayed shapes and structures we are granted permission to take in a new experience of renewal of body and a renewal of spirit when observing the possibility of these structures taking on a living experience in their own right.